General / 25 February 2019

Character for Games

General / 02 November 2018


Two Weeks personal Project 2018

Process Summary

- Base Mesh in Maya

I started my  base mesh in maya  in order to have a good topology from the start. 

- Details and refine in Zbrush

Switch from Maya and Zbrush for some details and adjustments to the mesh

- Retopo and UV layout  in Maya

I did the Retopology and Uvs in Maya with a low poly count (Max 8K tris)

- Bake and Textures in Substance Painter

Easy bake with some tweak in substance Painter before the painting.

- Rig in Maya

- Quick raw mocap in Unity

- Presentation 


 More Info and High res Imgs here :

The first update for zbrush 2018 is now available!

General / 21 June 2018

Stylized Anatomy VDM Brushes Vol.1

General / 16 June 2018

Zbrush - 80 Stylized Vector Displacement Brushes Vol.1

Store - Marketplace

Link - https://www.artstation.com/instudio/store

Store - Marketplace

Link - https://www.artstation.com/instudio/store

Stylized Fur Process - VDM Brushes Vol.01

General / 16 June 2018


Shape Study


Sculpt Study


Preview Full process

Zbrush - 20 + (2 bonus) Stylized Fur VDM Brushes Vol.1

Store - Marketplace

Link - https://www.artstation.com/instudio/store

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General / 28 March 2018

Wip GangPlank - Workflow breakdown

General / 17 February 2018

Wip GangPlank
I usually start a concept with a rough blocking, while I'm checking the silhouette.
Early stage in Zbrush and Maya.

Original Concept here (https://www.artstation.com/artwork/gangplank-the-saltwater-scourge)

1 - Setup Reference Images
2 - Rough blocking

3 - Test silhouette